If you are a retailer looking for a hot seller or an organization seeking to raise funds with an unusual item, you have come to the right place.  Dichroic personal accessories are eye-catching and popular, but still relatively rare in the market place.  To purchase at discounted prices you will need a coupon code.  Use the "Contact Us" function on this website to request a coupon code.  Please remember to provide this information:

1.  Organization name (required).

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If you are a retailer or organization in Florida and you plan to resell these items you must supply a photocopy of your tax certificate in order to avoid paying sales tax.  Otherwise tax will be added to your purchase total.  You WILL be charged tax at checkout regardless, but the charges will be refunded to you when your order ships if you have a current, valid Florida tax certificate.  The shopping cart on this site is unable to make the necessary distinction.  We regret the inconvenience.

We welcome custom orders.  Custom orders are a great way to reinforce group identity, raise funds or even communicate a message.  Dichroic glass colors and textures are attention-grabbing as well as attractive.  Others will admire your dichroic personal accessory.  Be sure to use the "Contact Us" feature for your initial request.

Bulk orders are your best value, allowing you to be competitive while offering your customers a great product.  We look forward to serving your needs.