Art Glass Manufacturers Adjusting To New Regulations.

Art glass manufacturers in the United States are being reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency for chemical contamination of cities and towns where their operations are located.  

Two companies, Spectrum Glass and Uroboros, have gone out of business.  Spectrum has been sold to a company in California which has moved the manufacturing process to Mexico in 2017.  Not all varieties of Spectrum glass are back in production at this time.  

Wissmach has been in EPA compliance for some time and they are expanding their line.  Bullseye has recently come into EPA compliance.  Some manufacturers have been restricted in the types and colors of glass they can produce.  Other companies are likewise now coming into compliance with EPA standards.

Glass artists and their customers are being affected by:

1.  Availability of certain types of glass.

2.  Pricing.  Prices have gone up to cover the costs of cleanup and compliance with EPA regulations.

DichroicRick is doing everything possible to keep its products affordable, but the ongoing industry adjustment may require some price increases.  Your understanding is sincerely appreciated.