Dichroic glass in its present form was created for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).  It has a very peculiar property that when light is either reflected off of it or goes through it, the resulting wavelength is very narrow.  From a scientific viewpoint this is useful in a number of applications. 

Dichroic glass is literally "space age" glass.  The art glass community soon found out it could be used to enhance their hot and warm glass projects.  What you will find here on DichroicRick is primarily fused glass jewelry and personal accessories.  As you can see, the variety, brilliance and eye scintillation are positively captivating.  The medium is a delight to work in and a joy to sell.

Many of our dichroic creations have properties that change with different forms of light and even with the angle from which it is viewed.  It almost has an "alive" quality to it, not unlike the natural gemstone opal.  In fact, I refer to dichroic glass as "opal on steroids".

Dichroic glass is created in a vacuum chamber where a laser vaporizes metal oxides and deposits multiple layers of metal oxides on a glass base.  Whenever metal oxides are brought into contact with silica, color results.  This is true for all colored art glass, even so-called "stained glass".  What makes the dichroic process different is the deposition of metal oxides in layered fashion on the surface, creating a play of light.

The art glass industry is pouring out an astonishing flow of innovations and improvements in dichroic glass or "dichro" as it is often referred to.  We encourage you to check back with us often to see the delightful changes.

You don't have to be a scientist to appreciate the beauty and fascination of dichroic glass.  Just add one of these statement pieces to your wardrobe and enjoy the attention they bring you.