We are delighted to do custom orders.  You can commission your very own art glass treasure whether it is one or hundreds.

Here is a brief overview of the process.

1.  Make a drawing of your project or print out image(s) of what you would like us to make in dichroic glass.  Please keep in mind we cannot accept commissions for images that are either copyrighted or trademarked unless you own the copyright/trademark.  Alternately, if you have a written authorization and can get a release for us to do the work, we can discuss doing your project.

2.  Go to the "Color Swatches" section of this website.  There are two types of dichroic glass:  

  • There is dichroic on black which is typically sandwiched with another layer of black glass.  When etched,        dichroic on black it will show the image as glossy black.  
  • Then there is dichroic on clear glass.  When dichroic on clear is etched, you can see the color of the backing which can be one of many different colors.  Be sure to also select a backing color (which is shown as one of the options).

Select the glass types to make up your project.  Be sure to note all the names.  Ignore the message in the detailed description that says the item is unavailable.  Remember, these are color swatches.

3.  Call or email us with your request.  The phone number is 407-608-2155.  The email address is cyberdiamonds@bellsouth.net.

4.  We will email you a quote.  You MUST email us to accept the quote.  Emails are now considered as acceptable documentation in courts of law.

5.  Half of the total quote is due when the order is placed.  Call us with your credit/debit card number.  DO NOT SEND YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD NUMBER THROUGH EMAIL.  We will need your expiration number and the CCV number on the back.  There are NO REFUNDS on special orders/commissions.

6.  The remaining half of the total quote is due upon delivery.  We will notify you by email of when the commission is ready for delivery.  If your order includes shipping, the remainder must be paid prior to shipping.  Your commission must be either picked up or shipped within 10 business days of the notification email.  After 10 days (unless you give us an acceptable reason to extend the period) we will consider that the property has been abandoned and we will sell it as part of our inventory.  Again, NO REFUNDS will be given.

7.  Time estimates are approximations as we are subject to availability issues from our vendors.

We look forward to creating something very special for you/your organization.